In many Cities Planners Tend to Arrange Shops IELTS Essay

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

In many cities planners tend to arrange shops, schools, offices, and homes in specific areas and separate them from each other. Do you think the advantages of this policy outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

In many Cities Planners Tend to Arrange Shops IELTS Essay

City planners nowadays indubitably assume greater responsibility because the expansion rate of cities has never been so tremendous. Interestingly, they seem to project new sections for specific purpose like shopping, education, working and residence and each of them is allocated individually from others. The kind of division affect different parties to varying degrees.

It is generally beeficial to those involved in municipal administration and education industry. Facilities correspondingly constructed for certain sector can be fully utilized such as the storage and logistic centers near shopping area, libraries and laboratories among colleges as well as public parks and green space surrounding residential blocks. If the trend had started earlier, less governmental investment would have gone wasted. Moreover, as one area serves a single purpose, less infrastructure is invested so less expense is required for maintenance. Besides, universities that have been concentrated are now enjoying cheaper land premium, shared resources and attracted talents and because they are located away from entertainment complex, there is another fringe benefit that students now have to focus more on academic performance.

Nevertheless, other inhabitants must believe it a worst idea because of the long distance between different zones. Although shop owners would attract customers by bringing down prices and offering reliable services so as to survive amongst others and employers might raise the salary, the shopping and working experience may still be horrible thanks to the long-distance drive from and to home. Consequently, the constant and great demand of traveling worsens traffic congestion between divisions.

Overall, despite the fact that city dwellers are faced with longer time for commuting and shopping, governors and those with less traveling needs can take advantage of this trend.

Town Planning IELTS Advantages Disadvantages Essay

City planners incorporate urban development to facilitate tourism, growing populations, and the citizens’ needs for modern public facilities. In this quest, they arrange shops, educational institutes, offices and residential complexes in specific areas which are separate from one another. There are advantages and disadvantages of this policy but overall the advantages are much more.

The first and foremost advantage is that such planning helps in organizing traffic. Such places are also generally well linked by public transport because public transport is also part of urban planning. When all offices are in one location then people using their own cars can also do car pooling. For example, if five persons of one residential complex have to go for work in one area, then each one can take his car for one day in a week. It would be a win- win situation for both the people and the environment.

This would also keep the residential areas free from noise and traffic and worth living in. The cost of land in residential areas also remains less as they can never become commercial areas. Effective green spaces such as parks can also be maintained with this careful planning. What is more, if all shopping is confined to one area then such places can also attract tourism. For example, sector 17 Chandigarh is a well known shopping centre and is an attraction for tourists. Finally, such planning is cost effective because it is cheaper for the government to concentrate water supply and sewerage disposal in restricted areas.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. It encourages the use of cars because people have to cover long distances to go for shopping or to their work places. This is not good for the environment. It also wastes a lot of time of the students because they have to spend lot of time commuting to and from school. Some areas may be very near to schools and some may be very far off which is not suitable.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, careful urban planning is the need of the day. Shopping complexes and offices should be in separate areas and away from the residential areas. However, each residential area should be fed by one school nearby so that students are benefitted. Overall, the pros of city planning outweigh the cons.

In many Cities Planners Tend to Arrange Shops Schools Office IELTS Essay

Today, many city developers always try to consider each part of the city for individual purpose. While some locations might be appropriate for education, the other one can be suitable to be residential areas. I personally agree with this method, although it might have had some drawbacks.

On the one hand, considering this plan by the city planners can have some negative consequences. One is that it can enhance traffic congestion inside of cities. For instance, those students living in peripheral areas have to travel several kilometres each day to reach their school, being mainly constructed in the central of cities; therefore, the number of commuters may escalate dramatically. Another reason behind it is that people living in rural areas have less access to appropriate facilities. For example, if they like to purchase furniture for their home, they cannot find them in the small retailers near their home. They have to spend hundreds of dollars for their transportation, while dwellers living in sprawling cities have a better access to these items.

On the other hand, having this plan in urban areas, I believe that it will avoid overpopulation in specific locations. One important factor is that the more factories are moved to suburb areas, the more workers prefer to live near them, instead of living in the central of cities. In particular, in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, had not the government permitted large companies to have a function in the centre, more citizens would have moved to live in the countryside, leading them to faceless the overpopulation problems. Furthermore, it can decrease the level of pollution in cities. Obviously, the more shops or offices operate in cities, the more they pollute the environment. As a result, in many countries, governments have considered specific regions for these markets. In this case, in Vancouver, the government of BC has considered a huge place for shops near the airport, which is located outside of the metropolitan zone. This will reduce the pollution caused by these businesses far significantly. ielts-essay

In conclusion, although some may agree that each region should not be allocated for specific purposes, I completely agree with it. This not only can reduce the density of population but the amount of pollution in the central areas of urban.

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