Share Household Tasks IELTS Essay

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic:

Nowadays in many countries women have full time jobs. Therefore, it is logical to share household tasks evenly between men and women. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words.

Nowadays in many countries women have full time jobs IELTS Essay

Due to modernism, every aspect of life has been changed. With no doubt, men’s and women’s roles have differed greatly from many years ago that most of the women were housewife unlike now that many of them are employees. I definitely agree that a full time job gets a lot of energy from women. Therefore, the house chores must be shared between wife and husband.

On the one hand, many a person believes that household tasks are the main responsibilities of women. Furthermore, men are breadwinner and responsible for financial problems. Moreover, Not only does a full time job make women weak in terms of physical condition, but also it prevents them spending enough time to look after their children or even do chores such as cleaning the house as well as cooking.

On the other hand, today, the number of women who have a full time job is increasing. Either it is for their tendency to be a highly profitable person in society, like Angela Merkel who is Chancellor of Germany, or forced due to arduous economic conditions. As a result, women can spend less time on doing housework, hence the necessity of men’s help. In other words, as ladies cooperate with their husbands to make a better financial condition, men have to come to their assistance at home.

To conclude, in this modern era, both wife and husband have to work shoulder to shoulder and make their mutual life well. Although each party have to pay attention to their traditional responsibility which is feeding family for men and doing household tasks for women.

Share Household Tasks IELTS Essay

In the contemporary era is an era of modernization, it is important to have a job for the family to lead a stress-free life regardless of gender. Women are working full time jobs in many countries to support their families and household chores must also be shared by a man, a phenomenon not seen earlier when women look after their children and family all the time. Once she got married. I completely agree with this statement and would like to clarify my support points in the following paragraphs.

Women are given equal opportunities with men, which helps them to get suitable jobs depending on their qualifications, and they become the backbone of the family. The breadwinner receives financial assistance if he allows her to get a job, and also cooperates in doing household chores together. They can improve the standard of living as well as provide quality education and other amenities that help their children grow better. For example, a recent study found that women in India are 70% more likely to be in a variety of jobs, a significant change from previous years. ielts-essay

However, a man can also learn to cook the cuisines even in case of any emergencies in the absence of his wife. He can serve the children, and also take part in their homework, which previously only the wife did. Consequently, the understanding between children and their father is strengthened, and the chances of sending older people to nursing homes can be reduced to some extent. In addition, a woman can expand her knowledge and skills by networking with others in the office, which will help her move up the career ladder, and will also be satisfied that she can serve as the head of the family. For instance, the economic development of the country is being improved through the empowerment of women, according to the economic review.

In conclusion, women should have the same rights as men in relation to employment, so parents equally fulfill all the duties and responsibilities of the family at the same time, communication between each of them will be much better, and also with less financial barriers in the future.

IELTS Writing Task 2 on Gender

Both men and women have started equally working in every nation, and hence it is natural that they should divide their household chores among themselves. I agree with this viewpoint as this way of life provides several advantages such as a stress-free life and courage to be independent.

To begin with, sharing home chores mainly reduces the work pressure of the couple. Sharing domestic chores reduces the pressure on couples. If one of them has to do all the work alone after office hours, they will be under tremendous pressure. Eventually, the person who does all the domestic work will have no option but quit their job. This will make them miss out on their career and create feelings of resentment. By contrast, sharing household work enables both spouses to have a flourishing career and stress free family life. ielts-essay

Sharing household chores also enables both men and women to be independent. This is because both of them learn to do each and every job at home, and can run the house independently when one of them is out of town. For example, many software professionals benefit from this phenomenon because their job requires them to travel abroad frequently leaving their family.

In conclusion, working couples should share their household chores because it will help them reduce the workload and in turn, the stress. Furthermore, it enables them to be independent when they are all alone. Every working couple should be encouraged to adopt this lifestyle for leading a relaxed life.

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IELTS Essay on Working Women

It cannot be gainsaid that these days in several nations around the world women are employed full time. Hence, it is reasonable to distribute chores between males and females. However, I partially agree that household duties must be shared by a husband equally, when a wife is working for over eight hours.

Firstly, working in office as well as managing household tasks is an arduous task for ladies and equal distribution of house chores with the partner can reduce the burden for women. They can spend more time with themselves to accomplish their hobbies. Additionally, they may live a stress free life as working at home and office can make them mentally and physically burdened and weak.

Secondly, when household duties are shared, women can be more successful in jobs because they will have ample time to devote time to their jobs with lesser work back home. Furthermore, they can quickly grow in their workplace. For example, my aunt who is working for a multinational company has reached a senior executive position because both my uncle and aunt share their family duties equally.

Nevertheless, it can be seen that men generally have cumbersome jobs and various responsibilities to fulfill the financial requirements of the entire family and therefore imposing domestic tasks on them can be an additional load. They might be further pressurized which can be harmful for their mind and body. IELTS-ESSAY

In conclusion, according to me, it is true that in this modern era, females are working full time shoulder to shoulder, across all industries in numerous nations like males and thus household tasks must be shared between both genders so that women can get sufficient time for themselves. Nonetheless, men are traditionally more responsible to earn and feed their family and chores at home can be a hurdle to fulfill their responsibilities.

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