Some Think that Private Companies Should Pay for Pollution IELTS Essay

Some think that private companies should pay for pollution clean up, while others say it should be a government’s responsibility. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this question. You should give reasons for your answer, and include ideas and examples from your own knowledge and experience.

Write at least 250 words.

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Private Companies Should Pay for Pollution IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 1

Some people argue that private enterprizes ought to pay for cleaning polluted water and air, while others opine that it is the duty of the government. Although some say the State should pay as companies pay taxes, I believe factories should pay for this cleaning process.

On the one hand, there are those who contend the government should allocate some fund to clean the environment as they receive huge sums of money from companies in term of taxes. For example, on average, one medium-size company pays 30% of their total profit as a tax. Therefore, spending a tiny fraction of this amount can make a huge difference. However, I believe this school of thought make these companies irresponsible towards pollution they are causing.

On the other hand, some believe that insisting non-governmental companies to pay for the damage they are doing in terms of water and air contamination make them cognizant of their responsibility towards the environment. If each corporation has to pay for mitigating pollution problems, it will take more deliberate actions to limit their effluents flow into water channels and fumes expelled from their companies. For instance, in some countries, factories have to pay for the damage they do to the environment, and as a result, there is very low pollution level in spite of a large number of mechanical factories. I believe this is a good idea to minimize the deleterious effect of private limited firms on nature.

In conclusion, although some contend governments should pay as companies pay taxes, I believe factories should pay for this cleaning process as this leads to them taking some preventive measures to reduce pollution caused by them. In my opinion, this trend is neither positive nor negative, and as such, it does not have to be changed a year.

Pollution Cleanup is not the Responsibility of Government IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 2

With the rapid industrialization, pollution clean-up has become a debatable issue in the world. Some people think that the government has to pay for pollution control measures, whereas others say that pollution clean-up is the sole responsibility of private organizations. This essay discusses both perspectives and gives an opinion for the same.

Needless to say, private industries have a major contribution to cause air, water, and soil pollution. Therefore, commoners have the perspective that private companies are responsible for depleting Mother nature therefore they should pay for the pollution control as well. Since it becomes their social duty, so they should not consider it as a liability on their budget. Moreover, it is observed that most of the manufacturing units do not even consider establishing their wastewater treatment plants. By doing so, they can at least, reduce the toxic contaminants from the wastewater before releasing it. So here again, they are accused of aggravating the environmental conditions.

Whereas, others think that the government must pay for the pollution clean-up procedures because it is already collecting heavy revenues from the private firms in the form of taxes every year. So, authorities can easily take up these measures. Furthermore, setting up the treatment plants costs very high to the independent firms because they already have the burden of monitoring production rate, paying wages, electricity bills, and so on. Therefore, without support from the government, it is a daunting task for private corporations. ielts-essay

In conclusion, I believe that collaborative efforts from government and private companies are the need of the hour to alleviate the risk of environmental menace.

IELTS Essay on Topic Pollution and Government

Sample Answer 3

Pollution is one of the burning issues which many governments find it hard to encounter with. At this juncture, in order to assist the governments, it is said that companies and private individuals should pay to clear the waste they produce. I feel this is a pro-active step to fight pollution.

When the responsibility of the company is taken into account, many companies produce large quantities of waste every day, and this may be solid, liquid or in gaseous form. It is to be seen that most companies not only have weaker provisions for waste management, but also are not seen taking much interest in the area of waste disposal. Therefore, it becomes a rational thought that they should either find appropriate waste management options or to pay the government proportionally for the waste they produce. ielts-essay

Turning to the case of waste management of individuals, it can be seen that a sizeable proportion of human population is helpless. The best option they have is to seek the help of the governing bodies and bear the expense of the proper disposal of waste. For example, many local bodies have government-aided volunteers whose service is paid, for the collection and segregation of waste from individual homes at regular intervals. This initiative is seen very successful, and in a great way reduces the incidents of ‘throwing away’ litter in public places.

I admit that the when governments levy tax from both the companies and individuals, like all the governmental services, waste management would be also the state’s responsibility. However, when the amount of waste is more and when it is disposed irrationally, governments have to employ extra efforts to manage it, and this requires more finance. IELTS- ESSAY.COM

To conclude, though there are some criticisms when governments charge for waste management services from companies and individuals, I think its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

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