Junk Food Among Teenagers IELTS Essay

Many people argue that eating junk food has led to an unhealthy lifestyle. This problem has become more common among young people these days. Do you agree or disagree that junk food is the cause of the issue?

Most people, around the globe; deem consuming fast food as the primary cause of an unhealthy lifestyle, and believed that youngsters are the common group of people that mainly affected by this change. This contentious topic has been profoundly debated in several forums. I agree with the statement that having junk food is one of the causes of health issues.

Throwing weight behind my view, there is no denying that teenagers are the popular consumers of fast food and they are aware it is not healthy and its side effects. This is because most teenagers are students, and the fast-food chains sell their products for a very cheap price that can be easily afforded by students. For example, “Hungry Jacks” is one the famous fast-food restaurant in Australia and their food was really cheap, on top of that they give 2 scratch cards every day to get free food and drinks or even half price on some items which definitely cannot be ignored by the young people or any group of people. ielts-essay

Having said that, consuming these junk foods every day in their life disrupts the metabolism and the immune system. Young people tend to think that they have a good immune system and that their bodies could process those foods easily. However, plenty of scientific studies and research have proven that taking junk food regularly could harm one metabolism and over the period one will have serious health issues like high blood pressure, obesity, and even cancer. For example, North America is the most consumer of junk food as a result they have a higher obesity rate among youngsters. Therefore, rather than visiting fast food regularly, they should do home food more often.

To conclude, it is indisputable that junk food is one of the primary sources of several health issues. I agree that teenagers are the biggest consumers of fast food due to the undeniable offers, but it is recommended to have self-control and eat more home-cooked foods to avoid certain health issues.

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