Internet Over NewsPapers IELTS Essay – Agree Disagree

Some people say that the Internet will soon become the preferred method of delivery of the news and information, causing the newspapers and magazines to gradually disappear. Do you agree or disagree?

Give your opinion and include examples from your knowledge or experience.

Internet Over NewsPapers IELTS Essay

It is an undeniable fact that some people think that the internet has overtaken the media and radio to be the preferred mode for following the news, may one day it predominate over the other sources of news resulting in their eventual disappearance. This contentious topic has been profoundly debated in several forums. I completely agree with the statement because of instant world news and free.

First of all, the Internet provides an ability for people to access live news from all over the world. In other words, it has no restrictions and limitations in knowing what is happening around the world which would not be possible in newspapers and media. Moreover, it stores all news and information so the user can go and search for any historical pieces of information using their mobile or desktop. For example, if the traveler would like to know about his flight information whether it is delayed or canceled, which they can be found on the internet in real-time rather than finding out at the airport. ielts-essay

In addition to that, the other benefit of the internet is that it provides news free of cost. In other words, users do not need to pay any amount to get information online. Whereas in the traditional method, people have to wait for a day to get the information through newspapers or buy a TV subscription. For example, recently the BBC was broadcasting the U.S.A election results live on the internet which can be seen for free and people can get a real-time update of the results without any delay.

In conclusion, although the internet has sidelined the newspapers and magazines and resulted in their progressive disappearance, I agree that this shift is for the better due to an immediate availability to wider people and without needing to pay for it.

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